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  • Spend your holidays abroad!

    Spend your holidays abroad!

    Easily find and safely book gorgeous holiday accommodations! Welcome on the holiday portal of the independent Swedish tourism agency TripTo AB based in Stockholm. Book a private holiday apartment, holiday cottage or a hotel in the most beautiful regions of Europe.

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You are planning your next summer holiday or you are looking for a comfortable ski cottage somewhere in the mountains?
Our holiday accommodation database is full with thousands of holiday houses and apartments in the nicest regions of Europe. Find your desired accommodation quick and easy. Discover wonderful accommodations and book them secure and comfortably via our encrypted security server.

How about a holiday cottage in one of the last wildernesses of Europe in North Sweden, or discovering the variety of European cities such as Berlin, Stockholm or Rome? Find stunning holiday houses at the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea or rather at the beaches of the Baltic Sea!

Cottage holidays in Sweden – from sandy beaches in south Sweden to absolute loneliness in the north.

Probably, Sweden is still a secret spot on the holiday map, but maybe this is what gives this country its charm and its benefits.
While your neighbours have stand in traffic congestion for hours on the way to their holiday destination, you can freely drive over the well built street net of Sweden without any annoying car queue. In many parts of the huge country you will even be glad to meet another car to keep focus on the traffic.
The population density decreases from South Sweden towards the North, so that the North of Sweden will be the perfect holiday spot for those who want to escape from the noise and the stress home.
In Sweden, you will hardly find any big hotel complex or holiday resorts. Everything is a little smaller here and more individual. The most common kind of holiday accommodation in Sweden is the so called Stuga, a holiday house, but also here there is a little difference to other typical holiday house countries such as Denmark.
Many Swedish families own a stuga which they use in the holiday season to get away from the stress and noise at work and which are not only rented out to international holiday guests. Thus, you will spend your holidays the same way the Swedish do and you won’t be locked away into areas especially for tourists.
Knowing that you have the possibility to create your own individual holidays here, you can discover this country with its more than 2000 kilometers of coastline. With all islands combined, the coastline is even 40 000 kilometers. Thus it is not surprising that you easily can find a holiday accommodation close to the water or even directly at a shore and that Sweden is the perfect destination for those who want to spend their holidays bathing, fishing or doing water sports.
But also friends of nature will find their perfect holiday destination in Sweden. It offers deep forests and a rich and unique fauna and a lot to discover.

Also in winter, Sweden is a great holiday destination. Even though the global warming you can almost assume that there will be snow in middle Sweden and up north. In the ski areas such as Sälen, Åre or Idre every winter tourist will be greeted by professianally prepared ski hills and ski tracks such as in the Alps. Well, there is one big difference though: Sweden’s ski resorts are not as crowded as those in the Alps.
Find your desired holiday accommodation in Sweden, may it be in Småland at Pippi’s, at the Swedish East- or West coast or in middle and northern Sweden: Check our accommodation database containing almost 2000 objects over the whole country!

Holidays in Austria – a summer and winter paradise in the heart of Europe!

Although Austria is quite a small sized country with just 8 million inhabitants, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
This is because hardly any other country can offer such a large variety of travel destinations such as Austria, may it be in summer as well as in winter.
In summer the most popular activities are mountain sports, hiking and bathing. Crystal clear lakes with turquoise water, rich green meadows as well as stunning mountain views make Austria a more and more popular summer travel destination.
Despite the country’s beauty in summer, the main tourism in Austria is winter sports tourism. With its ski regions in Tyrol, Vorarlberg or the state of Salzburg, Austria is a dream for those looking for fun and action, slope skiing or cross country track skiing.
Find your perfect holiday accommodation in Austria, may it be in Austria’s capital Vienna, in Burgenland or Styria, and discover our database with more than a thousand accommodations in Austria.

The land of the poets and philosophers – Discover Germany from the coasts to the Alps!

Germany has always been the most favourite travel destination for the Germans as well as millions of tourists from all over the world.
Germany is not a popular destination without a reason. Germany is one of the most versatile holiday regions in Europe all over the year. In the north you can have a relaxing holiday at the sandy beaches of the North Sea or the Baltic Sea cost and enjoy the stunning environment. At the Mecklenburg Lake District, many holiday accommodations are built directly at the shores of one of the many lakes. The middle of Germany offers attractive hill regions and even higher mountain areas such as the Harz, the Hesse mountain range or the Thuringian forest. The south of Germany is home of touristic highlights such as Bavaria and the Alps, the Black Forest, home of the cuckoo clock, but we don’t want to forget to mention the West of Germany with the Rhine valley, home of castles, whine and fortresses.

Or why not having a city holiday in one of the bigger cities of Germany? Discover Germany’s capital Berlin, the city of the 1000 facets, beautiful Munich or Hamburg with its well known night life.

Wherever you plan to spend your holidays in Germany, you can expect the German „Gemütlichkeit“, a mixture of excellent gastronomic infrastructure combined with the Germans’ hospitality. Find your desired holiday accommodation in Germany, may it be in Berlin, in Bavaria, at the Baltic Sea or in the Rhine area in our database with more than a thousand holiday accommodations all over Germany.

Summer, sun, Italy – holidays along the coasts of the Mediterranean sea or in rustic South Tyrol

Italy was one of the first countries with a real tourism. This does actually not surprise considering the fact that Italy offers a coast line length of more than 7000 kilometers, from the Adria in the North near Venice, across Bari at the “boot’s heel” via Catania in the south of Sicily up the coast again across Naples and Rome up to Genova in the North West. Italy is combined with sun and beach, and if you ever happened to spend your summer holidays in Italy, you won’t be disappointed about that.
Italy is though much more than just beaches and sun. The majestic Apennine mountain range stretches from north to south on the Italian peninsula, The Etna mountain range stretches over Sicily and in the north you can find the southern part of the Alps. Thus, even great winter holidays can be spent in Italy, especially in South Tyrol, the Aosta Valley and the north of the Lombardy region where there are a lot of well equipped ski resorts.

Italy has also ever since been connected with fashion and art. Especially Milano is well known for its fashion week and Italy is home of many designers such as Armani, Versace or Dolce & Gabbana. Check out the many churches and cathedrals with their beautiful architecture and frescos inside or the many museums showing the high abilities of this country’s painters, sculptors and craftsmen.
But what would Italy be without pizza and pasta? Forget everything you heard about those “bad” carbohydrates and enjoy genuine Italian cuisine and the light but distinct flavours of tomatoes, olives, olive oil, fresh sea food and delicious wine!
Find your dream accommodation in Italy, may it be in Tuscany, at the coast, in South Tyrol, Calabria or on the islands of Sardinia or Sicily: Discover our database with more than 3000 holiday accommodation all over Italy.

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